Online courses with videos for the field of veterinary communication dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases transferable from animals to humans
Ref. no: 2016-1-RO01-KA203-024732

Project Meetings

During the project life (2016-2019) project partners will be involved in periodical international meetings with the aim to collaborate in setting up each stage from the project progress. From this section you can access each international meeting album, including photos and documents created. This section is mainly dedicated to project partners and for the evaluators.

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Intellectual outputst

The project creates open digital educational resources in the field of veterinary medicine based on developing innovative guidelines on zoonotic diseases study and veterinary, medical, pedagogical, linguistic and raise awareness intervention related to identify, monitor and control malaria and dirofilariasis, useful for the academic, professional and general beneficiaries. ZOE project create a range of intellectual outputs/ tangible deliverables. This section presents the complete list of project intellectual outputs.

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ZoonosesOnlineEducation Kit

ZOE free portal creates educational resources for prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases transferable from animals to humans & raise awareness on the consequences of the infectious disease, including training tools and interactive and attractive educational materials on health education, useful for the academic, professional & general beneficiaries.

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